Beautiful flat lay floral arrangement of mostly Australian native flowers, including prote

I must have flowers always and always.

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We create beautiful arrangements for all the important moments of your life.

The Flower Shop at Castle Pines is home to the most unique and exquisite flowers available. We pride ourselves on our education, design experience, and unique backgrounds in horticulture, wedding, and floral design. Whether you're looking for a custom-designed arrangement to give a dear friend, seeking to enhance your home with beautiful plants, or designing a wedding that reflects exactly who you are, we are here for you though all of life's adventures.



Colorado’s best kept secret…

We are a full-service floral boutique offering unique, custom creations- as well as Colorado’s connection for special events. The Flower Shop at Castle Pines has an impressive twenty years of  experience in weddings, floral design, and patio design. We are committed to excellence, and aim to provide the best products and services! 

The Flower Shop at Castle Pines seeks a relationship with our clients that will allow us to not only create beautiful, custom arrangements for daily use that truly reflect who you are, but also help you through all walks of your life. From your wedding day, to celebrating the life of a loved one, we are here for you to enhance your experiences with botany and floral design. 

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